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We marry deep industry expertise with cutting edge analytics to deliver transformational results, fast

What makes Aczel unique?

Deep sector expertise

Quickly to the heart of the problem and its solution

Our consultants all have deep sector expertise which means we intimately understand how our clients operate. We understand the unique problems they face and contribute to solving them from the moment we engage

We focus on a small number of adjacent sectors and constantly exchange key developments, ensuring our clients benefit from advances outside their normal experience

Cutting edge analytics

Rapid, innovative assessments using up-to-date data

We access the raw data from our clients’ systems to supplement their standard reports. Our experienced consultants use machine learning to reveal hidden insights, enabling us to rapidly develop winning solutions. We use our analyses to define the critical metrics that monitor our clients’ ongoing health, making our solutions enduring

Joint implementation teams

Helping clients become self sufficient

We believe enduring results come from a permanent change in our clients’ behaviours as well as their processes. We set up joint implementation teams with shared goals so we can demonstrate the changes in action, smoothing the transition to client ownership and reducing dependency on consultants

High impact, enduring solutions

Making a real difference

We tie our results directly to our clients’ business success, ensuring improvements can be translated into financial gains. We recognise that for these results to be enduring, our clients must change at all levels. Hence we establish new processes, metrics and behaviours and demonstrate through personal leadership, education and training how to implement the changes

Flexible commercial models

Accommodating client needs

We offer a wide range of commercial models to suit our clients’ needs. From complex situations, where a time and materials approach recognises the unknown factors, to situations where clients require the highest financial returns when an incentivised fee model works best

The most effective solution to deliver a major boost in performance

Our People

Innovators, troubleshooters, implementers, teachers, sages: all words our clients use to describe our people.

Breaking it down a little helps understand the reasons for our client success. All of us have deep industry experience in both line positions and consulting. We are critical, independent thinkers, unafraid to challenge perceived wisdom. Most of all we command respect at all levels of our clients and achieve real results.

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Richard Aczel

Aerospace, Defence, Security, Industrial and Services

Richard Green

Infrastructure, Defence and Industrial

Dean Gilmore

Aerospace, Defence and Security

Sebastian Mistry


Steve Candine

Steve Canadine

Infrastructure & Defence

Jayne Santacana

Recruitment and Operations

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