Performance, cost and safety

The challenges facing industrial companies are mounting. They have to manage increasing product complexity driven by new technologies and software. Their supply chains have become global and less resilient. Maintenance and through life operating costs are stressing design processes. Cost and delivery pressure is rising and regulatory and safety considerations add further complexity. Aczel is a leader in defining the strategic changes necessary for future success in this complex world

Operationally we help our clients develop successful product and technology strategies, mount successful bids, deliver complex programmes and establish world-class, resilient supply chains

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We work with companies delivering products into rail, road, sea and air transport networks. This wide range includes rail rolling stock, commercial ships, automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft component suppliers. Programme delivery and supply chain resilience are the biggest concerns our clients have, with technology management a close second

Industrial products

We work with companies that are the industrial backbone of our modern society.  Power generation, manufacturing, control and automation and others — the invisible technology that society depends on.  Product strategy, programme and supply chain delivery and through life services are where most of our clients are focused


We work with companies whose products rely on software for their performance. Clients include complex asset control systems designers and telecom equipment manufacturers. The unique demands of software management both in product design and through life means we tailor our services accordingly. We help clients address speed and quality of design, building a software eco-system and product management

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